Purpusly Vendor Webinar #2 | Purpusly Talks: How to become a vendor on Purpusly Marketplace?

The webinar conducted by Purpusly on 20th Jan 2021 for the vendors explains the process of becoming a vendor on purpusly.com marketplace. The guest speakers,

Sirena Andras, creative guru at Creative Chi and Paola Cardona, CEO of Terra Dulce Chocolates and a vendor on Purpusly marketplace share their thoughts. Purpusly.com is a cause-driven marketplace.

Manufacturers or sellers who are motivated by a cause are welcome to register as vendor and sell their cause focused products on purpusly.com If you want to be on our platform, register as vendor here:


Check our subscription plans: https://sell.purpusly.com/pricing/