Purpusly Vendor Webinar #4 | Fireside Chat | How to be successful on the Purpusly Platform

In this webinar, Purpusly team talks about how you as a vendor can succeed on the Purpusly platform.

Our team tries to answer the queries of the the guests. The queries relate to how to register as a vendor on the Purpusly platform, what is the fee / commission, what are the technical skills required, what certifications / paperwork are required etc. Purpusly.com is a cause-driven multi-channel selling platform.

Manufacturers or sellers who are motivated by a cause are welcome to register as a vendor and sell their cause focused products on purpusly.com

If you want to be on our platform, register as vendor here: https://sell.purpusly.com

Check our subscription plans: https://sell.purpusly.com/pricing/​